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the seven stages of grief
"Of course, on an individual level, one’s quality of life is being augmented by new products (today computers, mobile phone and energy-saving appliances), but in essence the question of the quality of minimal living space is related to what we plug into that space, not necessarily to how it is designed, how it relates to its surrounding environment."

Bert de Muynck / “Maximum Life in Minimum Space” 

GLITCHA magazine issue #01

in collaboration with Manos J. Marakakis / Antonis Sarris / Aggeliki Papavasiliou / Mairi Skounaki
It is always raining in this city. 
"When there is pressure to obscure that infrastructure—camouflaging cameras, closing down networks, or blocking freedom of information requests—a corresponding pressure is exerted on the very democracy it purports to uphold"

How Britain exported next-generation surveillance — Matter — Medium (via nathanjurgenson)

(via nathanjurgenson)