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Random Thoughts #1

I have come to believe that Architects are just more self-centered Film Directors.

"So vagueness is not a lack of
logic (though it is a lack of determinacy); on the contrary, the
logic of vagueness is exactly what constitutes relations."

— The Architecture of Continuity by Lars Spuybroek

From the series “Mastering the art of not having a point”
F E R T I L E _ N E U R O S I S

"Continuously varying states of aggregation operate on singularities. So singularities are not elements [which always exist beforehand] but emerge from relations. From continuity.

Lars Spuybroek - “The Architecture of continuity”

poster for the short documentary ÉDEKA (Original Title: ΕΝΤΕΚΑ).
P A R A P O L I S : A Contemporary Urban Mirror.

in collaboration with Guga Orges
The motorbike
"There is something near-mythic about the European ruling and its defense of disappearance, historical sublimation, and erasure. Erasure is a significant term here — it also applies to an artistic, literary, and theoretical process that sees the removal or crossing-out of certain text or images to create new possible interpretations. Erasure is often a challenge to a text or a statement’s assumed form or original purpose."

— "A European Court Ruled That Google Has to ‘Forget’ You by Natasha Lennard. Read more @ VICE NEWS